It’s not just adults Results Fitness & Swimming work with, Georgina Denham is a motivated teenager showing a lot of promiseand potential, in so many areas, academic, musical and sport, this can lead to people encouraging her to a range of activities, which is brilliant, but increasingly adds to her personal pressures to perform and leaving her with a jammed packed workload.

Georgina has been selected for the Nationals at Track cycling; she has weekly plans that are specific and short to fit in alongside her other working commitments. We have implanted good training habits into Georgina since a young age, and this helps her deal with the pressure both at school and track cycling. Georgina has an incredibly laid back but motivated and committed attitude to everything she does. Being a teenager is never easy, but with the support of others, careful time management and encouragement,  teenagers can reach their goals and beyond in all areas, with good time management, self-discipline and self-efficacy.

The flickr link below shows Diane, Georgina and Rob her friend completing a sprint turbo session specific to here main events.