One to one lessons are ideal for children with learning issues and specific conditions. M came for one to one lessons as he point blank hated his other lessons and swimming. We spoke with M and asked what he disliked and he said he was constantly told off for holding on to the wall. Standard teacher comment “don’t hold on to the wall” even we use, but with a literal thinker and a child very aware of his surrounding, maybe this wasn’t what he needed to hear. With some encouragement we got M swimming to assess where he was at, it was clear that in his previous lessons he was being asked to do too much, and ask to swim too far, he was constantly swimming on survival mode. The one to one lessons were then structured to do short distances with good quality swimming, distances were kept very achievable, but we made it more challenging by adding in water skills, stroke improvement etc. Moving to different areas of the pool, but still swimming the shorter distances, then naturally M wanted to increase the distances. He was in control and maintained his confidence, the lessons have specific structure set by the teacher, but the options and choices within the lessons are made by M to suit his fears and confidence levels. Backstroke was a tricky stroke to gain confidence in, however after a 6 week period M is now doing backstroke kick in the middle of the pool, somehow managing to sing Abba at the same time, showing how relaxed he now is in the water. The lessons are kept fun and focused for gaining the fundamentals of all strokes and water skills. One to one lessons are prefect for swimmers that need that little bit more focus, and concentration.
One to one swimming lessons are also ideal for children that have come to the sport late, or had not learnt to swim as a young child. We recently had an 8 year old who had a terrible fear of the water and hadn’t had many lessons – we worked on a weekly basis to improve her confidence and slowly began to establish some strokes. This swimmer has made such big improvements and has really enjoyed it, soon we think she will be swimming a full length unassisted and then she can go and enjoy fun swims and pool parties with her friends