Top work by Graeme, below is his personal write up of the event.
Epic, took me 8 hours 3 minutes

It was busy for the first few miles as it was up hill and there were some choke points on the path. Once up onto the ridge there was a bit of an opportunity to run as it widened out, but then we got to the ridge proper which was only one person wide. It was in and out of cloud up high. The scrambling and narrow ridge bits were good, then you hit the downhill into Glen Nevis. The start was down loose rock and scree which was good. And started to split everyone up. The bottom bit was just bog and wet grass and I fell a few times, but so did most people!

There was an aid station here so I filled my water and had a half time orange. That was 6 miles in and I got there in 2:24. At this point I though a 6 hour time might be possible. Running along the valley for three miles I got a bit of cramp in my calf which slowed me up.

Then there was the river crossing which made your feet really cold. After that it was another 1000m climb, then it was back down the hill which was another bog fest and half a mile on the road to finish. It was raining pretty hard by this point – but this race was epic and such a brilliant experience