Rugged cliffs, quiet coves, sandy bays, picturesque coastal village and 35miles of racing. Craig and Diane used this race as a practice, and allowed time to experiment with nutrition strategies for Craig’s big 5 day Ultra event in Spain. The coastal trails were wild and exposed, with undulating terrain and spectacular views. We arrived to terrible rain and high winds, but luckily for us the rain was gone by the early morning, the wind hadn’t with 60mph we were wondering if the race would get cancelled or not. However it went ahead and to be fair we got a helpful tail wind a lot of the time. The race started fast and we got into a comfortable pace after the first check in point we were well into our pace. The view made the time pass quickly and before we knew it we were over half way, sharing the work load into the wind and tactically dropping on the back of other runners for wind protection. The race went really well and Craig achieved a top 20 position and a personal best time for 35miles. Diane managed a 2nd in the female category and loved the whole experiences. Supporting a client and getting a 2nd place is a brilliant result. We learnt so much from racing together, pre preparation is so important in these long races, we now have 3months to get Craig into both the best physical and mental state for the challenge of a lifetime.