Paul Gamble, had dabbled in many sports and adventure outdoor activities in the past, but this year sets his goal towards triathlon. Mainly inspired by his young daughter Lucy, triathlon gave them something they could do together as they started out doing local sprints together with supporting kid’s races. Their passion for triathlon grew, and soon Paul was signed up for the Outlaw 70.3 and a full Outlaw in 8 weeks time.
Paul being a Dad of two has limited time, he has combined his running with taking Lucy his daughter out on her bike. They come to swimming lessons together provide by RFS, both of them focus on refining their front crawl technique. Paul has structured e-plans to do on the turbo and out on the road to ensure he meets the demands of his event. Paul is progressing really well and learning all the time, RFS have also supported Paul with bike fits and sports massage. Paul competed the Half Outlaw in 6hour 20mins, he felt comfortable and used this as a training event for the full in July.
For little Lucy at the age of 8 she is following in her Dad’s footstep, she is already loving open water swimming, her bike skills are improving and she is enjoying the running. Lucy is well known for being a little chatterbox and it is wonderful to see such passion for sport, and she defo loves racing her Dad and we know she is going to have an Iron Daddy very soon.