Jon Burch and Simon Pickering  both full time Professionals Medical Consultants, took on the challenges of competing in Ironman Barcelona. Barcelona is a fabulous setting for a fast flat race, full of history and culture in the village of Calella on Spain’s Eastern Coastline. Results Fitness & Swimming provided progressive training from an early stage, building the foundation and base work, through to race specific sessions, and all phases leading to the race, including all the necessary periodization and taper. The programmes consisted of prescribed training on all 3 disciplines and advice and guides on nutrition, pre/during and post race. Training was all designed around their busy work schedules and family commitments, training was made hard, but achievable, rest and recovery was also carefulyl taken into account on the training plans. Both Simon and Jon use several methods of monitoring their training intensity and used power meters to tailor the bike training to their individuals zones. RFS provide weekly feedback and analysis of their progress. Both Jon and Simon, reached their goals with finishing times they were very happy with,  Jon finished in 12 hrs 38 mins and Simon a couple of mins over 13 hours, both super respectable times for full time professionals, They can now enjoy their work & banter of officially being an IRONMAN.