“Never Never put off anything you want to do”

This was the quote we read off Pam’s facebook page – our hearts fill with pride when it comes to Pam, this energetic determined 70 year old lady is a credit to us. Pam qualified for the European Championships at Triathlon and World Championship in Duathlon. At the beginning of 2018 Pam wasn’t even sure if she would ever race again, Doctors were concerned with a heart condition; however did this stop Pam, not a chance, with a few tears, some cuddles from Di and few firm words off Gary and her incredible family. Pam made her own decision she was racing and nothing was going to stop her. Life’s too short, Pam lives life in the fast lane.

We recall a phone call conversation, suggesting Pam didn’t race in this little minor triathlon pre European it not worth stressing over. However as expected the next day she calls us back, I haven’t listened to you, im sorry, I have raced and I have won, but I didn’t push myself I took it easy. We soon realised Pam was going to do this Europeans whatever so training was very carefully planned with new training zones in place, more recovery between sessions and strategies to keep her head in the right place.  We focused on the goal,  we were positive and we took one day at a time.

Before we knew it Glasgow Europeans were upon us. Pam has a fear of Open Water, being an amazing swimmer does not always mean we don’t all “still shit ourselves” now and then. Pam has the ability and this is possibly half the problem why she hates open water, she knows she should be good at it.  Pam knew the swim was going to be a struggle but if she could do it and get out, podium positions were a possibility. In her own words Pam said after getting out of the swim in a poorer position than she expected she was so deflated she just went out on the bike and just smashed it, with the only goal been was to get the finishers medal. Obviously you know what happens next Pam, kills the bike course over taking pretty much everyone in her age group, on the run she was 3rd, after one lap she had chased down 2nd and the battle was on for 1st. Pam could see the German in 1ST and chased very hard, finishing only 10sec behind her, frustrated but totally over the moon she got the silver medal. RFS were so proud Pam had overcome so much, just to turn up on the start line is so huge. Pam cares for her husband suffering with dementia, who is now over joyed with Pam’s achievement. Whatever life throws at you, you just have to do your best.

This race sets Pam up for the European in Ibiza, which she is feeling more confident about with it being a run / bike / run. So until October its hard work and head down for Pam.