In addition to working with athletes and triathletes, Diane also works with children and adults with various conditions, one to one support within fitness and lifestyle can really enhance any individuals experience and enjoyment of sport.

For more details please contact us directly to talk over options, we can offer personal training and swimming teaching to suit individuals specific needs.

Louie Clark suffers with Fragile X syndrome which is one of the most common inherited cause learning disability, Louie came to RFS for swimming lessons, he loved the water but getting him to focus and listen in group lessons was challenging. However over the past year we have broken down skills, into manageable chunks, designed fun activities to engage him into learning specific drills and skills. As his strokes have become stronger and more efficient we encouraged him back into group lessons (Matlock Swimming Club) where he has the stimulation of other children and different teachers and pool conditions. His one to one swim lesson is now an extra, to refine techniques and provide him with the extra attention and encouragement he needs. More than anything Louie’s confidence has grown, he has become more comfortable within himself. Louie watched Diane and his Sister Katie compete at competitive swimming, he was always there in the crowd cheering them on. Diane asked Louie if he wanted to race and he said yes the next thing we knew he was racing in the local swimming club championship. A year ago no one would have even considered he would be capable of this. His parents were amazed he got himself prepared to race and looked very relaxed, they said “normally he would be flapping around and going red with nervousness” but he was cool calm relaxed and pretty confident. Louie completed the 25m and 50m breastroke in a competitive race. RFS feel this definitely goes on one of the ‘Proudest Coaching moment’s’ list.

The one to one swim lessons are conducted in a quiet and relaxed environment, we welcome anyone with any disability or condition, we are adaptable and flexible. Personal training can also be done within a home environment or within the gym. Children with Autism and Aspergers syndrome also welcome.